Draper brushes off nasty fall to finish final historical tour
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By Dave Williams  July 13, 2013 08:43 pm

There was no way a nasty fall off her electric scooter was going to keep Prue Draper from leading her final Cotati Historical Walk on Saturday, especially on the day when the city she played a big role in shaping was celebrating its 50th birthday.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the 83-year-old Draper lost her balance and fell off her electric scooter while leading her tour. For fear of possible head injuries, she was given a ct scan of her brain after what she described as "whacking my forehead pretty good" and stitches in her lip. Draper takes a blood thinner, which exacerbates the bleeding, and that prompted medical staff to take extra precautions.

"The forces that be pressured me to crawl into the ambulance, but I convinced them that I must get back to lead my history walk, and they were amazingly cooperative," Draper said.

The Cotati icon had declared she would no longer work on special projects in Cotati but would still continue with the Cotati Historical Society newsletter and will work in the museum. The fact she returned to finish the tour drew words of admiration in downtown Cotati.

"Prue Draper...man," said Kelly Smith, a bartender in the Tradewinds, while shaking his head and smiling. "She went down hard, and it looked pretty bad, but she bounced back and kept going. Amazing!"

Draper's electric scooter suffered too much damage to continue with the tour, but help was not hard to find.

"When I got back to the Plaza, luckily a guy named Alan, who has a rickshaw bicycle, hauled me on the tour as my electric scooter was sort of damaged in my fall," Draper said.

Draper regrets missing the cutting of the 50th birthday cake but was pleased with how the celebration went.

"Just the kind of small-town festivities we hoped for," she said.


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