FPPC launches investigation on Cotati Planning Commissioner Lisa Moore
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By Dave Williams  July 5, 2013 06:14 am

The Fair Political Practices Commission has launched a conflict of interest investigation against Cotati Planning Commissioner Lisa Moore.

The conflict of interest complaint was filed with the FPPC against Moore because she did not remove herself from discussions at a Feb. 19 Cotati Planning Commission meeting about possible changes to the city's limits on formula-based businesses, especially fast food restaurants. The person who filed the charge believe her decision to participate in the discussions is a blatant conflict of interest.

Moore, a former city councilwoman and mayor, is a waitress at Tubby's Restaurant near Oliver's Market on East Cotati Avenue. Tubby's, along with locally owned restaurants such as the Redwood Café, the Galley at the Cotati Yacht Club and Marvin's, likely would be most affected should changes to city policy come about.

The City of Cotati has a cap of eight formula businesses and only three more formula businesses, all along Highway 116, are permitted. There is also a 60-foot buffer zone between formula businesses and a provision where no formula business can open more than one location in Cotati. The commissioners voiced their opinions but opted not to vote on the proposal to loosen these provisions and instead requested city staff, which originated the proposal, for more studies and details. A yes vote by the planning commission would have sent the matter to the city council for final approval.

Officials at the FPPC were contacted by The Community Voice but refused comment while the investigation is under way. The FPPC said there was no timetable on this investigation.

The complaint was filed by former Cotati councilman George Barich, a longtime nemesis to Moore's husband, John, who earlier this year was appointed to fill the council seat vacated by Pat Gilardi. Moore was among nine people, including Barich, who filed an application for the seat.


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