SMV installs new electronic charge stations
Stations part of plan to promote sustainable living
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By Natalie Gray

Recently, the Sonoma Mountain Village installed two new charging stations for electric vehicles to their parking lot to help reach their long-time goal of supporting and encouraging an overall sustainable lifestyle. 

The electric chargers are free to use by anyone with an electric vehicle.

Introducing free electric vehicles to the Sonoma Mountain Village community was always part of the original design since the village’s conception and a part of a list of 10 principles the Village plans to uphold, said Tina Montgomery, property and marketing manager of Sonoma Mountain Village. The list of principles includes health and happiness, culture and heritage, local and sustainable good, zero carbon, sustainable materials and, of course, sustainable transport. 

To see the latter through, Sonoma Mountain Village teamed with ChargePoint, an online network of independently owned electrical vehicle charging stations.

The list of principles and the steps taken to insure the list is followed are part of what the Village calls “SOMO Living,” a brand of One Planet Living that is unique to Sonoma Mountain Village. 

One Planet Living is a program dedicated to creating a network of environmentally friendly neighborhoods. Sonoma Mountain Village was the first One Planet Living endorsed community in North America.

“Our goal is to create a community where people can live a much more sustainable, one planet lifestyle,” Montgomery said of Sonoma Mountain Village and the new electric vehicle stations in an email interview. “We are very excited to add the electric vehicle station as an amenity.”

According to Montgomery, the charging stations are free to use for both employees and visitors alike. The stations were placed near to the Event Center and Sally Tomatoes to encourage public use. 

With the event center being powered by 10,000 solar panel arrays, which are also used to power the electric vehicle stations, one can charge his or her vehicle totally carbon-free.

“Sonoma Mountain Village is an advocate of choices for a more sustainable lifestyle at work, home and recreation. A big part is allowing sustainability to be more accessible and easy,” Montgomery said. 

She also added that Sonoma Mountain Village recognizes a big part of supporting sustainable living is making sustainable options, like electric vehicle chargers, more accessible to the public. 

ChargePoint can help with this with their mobile phone app that lets users locate other electric vehicle chargers nearest to them, from any point in the country. According to Montgomery, the event center hopes the electric charging stations will help open discussion among the community about using sustainable, electric vehicles.

To learn more about Sonoma Mountain Village, their events, stores and community, go to For more information about  ChargePoint, go to

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