Lawrence Jones Middle School
Writing award winners
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Poetry – 6th Grade: 1st place Hannah Menth; 2nd place Carolina Lenzi; 3rd place Rylee Davidge

7th Grade: 1st place Starr Soon; 2nd place Joanna Wheeldin; 3rd place Vincent Tillsoon

8th Grade: 1st place Emma Pardo; 2nd place Morgan Cummesky; 3rd place Lexi Alfano

Honorable mention: Sama Heineman and Madelyn Swanson. Grand Champion: Starr Soon. Non-fiction – 6th Grade: 1st place Matthew O’Brien; 2nd place Madison Norman

7th Grade: 1st place Gillian Stewart; 2nd place Victoria Millendez; 3rd place Lonnie Hayes

8th Grade: 1st place Like Benson; 2nd place Emily Rasmussen; 3rd place Dana Harruson

Honorable mention: Jamil Qawasmeh and Heather Remund. Fiction – 6th Grade: 1st place Katie Gu; 2nd place Jenna Murphy; 3rd place Micayla Walker, 7th Grade: 1st place Kyla Johnson; 2nd place James Leung; 3rd place Ryan Law, 8th Grade; 1st place Luck Benson; 2nd place Amy Lucas; 3rd place Jordan Harp

Honorable mention: Makenna Austring, Heather Remund, Lori Paris and Amanda Summit.
Jane Peleti

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