CoDA launches weekly meeting Thursday at Arbor Room in RP
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Codependents Anonymous (CoDA) will now meet each Thursday from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Arbor Community Room.

CoDA is a 12-step self-help program for codependents. 

The typical codependent:

• Is not aware of how they feel and cannot identify their feelings;

• Tend to minimize, alter or deny the truth about how they feel;

• Tend to fear or worry about how others may respond to their feelings;

• Bolster their self-esteem by trying to solve other people’s problems;

• Look to other people to determine what to do, say or feel;

• Focus their attention on pleasing another person;

• Have difficulty acknowledging good things about themselves;

• Tend to judge everything they say or do harshly, by someone else’s standards;

• Have difficulty in forming and/or maintaining close relationships with others;

• Have to feel needed in order to have a relationship with others;

• Do not know or believe that asking for help is OK and normal;

• Assume responsibility for other people’s feelings.

The meetings are in the Arbor Community Room, located at 480 City Center Dr. in Rohnert Park. For more information, call (707) 490-4640 or (707) 486-3051.

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