Musicians again contribute to Oliver's Market benefit CD
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By Kaydon Coburn  June 14, 2013 11:24 am

Highlighting Sonoma County musicians for the community and raising vital funds for the underprivileged are becoming regular occurrences for Oliver's Markets. "Real Music Vol. 3, A Taste of Sonoma County..." generates a new collection of local musicians as well as benefiting the Redwood Empire Food Bank.
"We try and represent a broad profile of Sonoma County music. We're always trying to find more variety and groups we haven't heard of before." says Real Music's recording engineer Blair Hardman.
The artist selection for the CD compilation is a process. 
"They (Oliver's) asked Frank (Hayhurst) and I - since we are really well connected in the music industry here in Sonoma County - to find the bands that would contribute songs to the CD," said Hardman, who is also the owner of Zone Recording.
In turn, Hardman and Hayhurst (who has a track on Vol. 3), connect with dozens of industry related businesses to, "suggest who they think should be on the CD," Hardman explains. Once the artists are identified and contacted, the potential tracks are submitted by the artist.
"My job is to make them (recorded tracks) all flow. One of the unique challenges is making all the songs match each other in volume and tone - that's called mastering," Hardman said.
Oliver's Markets designs and generates the final product. 
"The first volume we had a huge learning curve regarding getting releases to use the artists material, production timelines, and content for the artwork. But after doing it a couple of times, this one was a breeze," says Tom Scott, Oliver's vice-president and general manager.
"I've been aware of the CD for the last couple of years, and have had friends music featured on the last two," musician Jesse Brewster said." I'm always a big supporter of charitable causes. So when Frank asked me to be a part of the CD, I was happy to send him one of my new songs to feature."
"Our band had eagerly been trying to make it on the Real Music volumes since the first," says Down Dirty Shake's Aj Lopez. "Late last year we began recording our first full-length album, and fortunately for us we finished recording just in time for the third Real Music establishment."
Once again, "Real Music" boasts excellent recordings, mastering and production value. The genres featured are primarily country, folk, blues, rock, gospel and bluegrass, with an abundance of electric and acoustic guitar work. Legendary harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite is one of the more prominent artists, and the traditional French sounds of Un Deux Trois or Latin-fused rock of Chava Cruz & Trapezio may be discovered. The packaging is of high quality, with a 24-page color booklet containing professional photography and design.
The 33 artists on the two-disc Vol. 3 are: CD1-Pete Stringfellow, David Luning, Pine Needles, John Allair, Mr. December, Misner and Smith, Andy Dru Rodgers, David Hamilton, Brothers Comatose, Jug Dealers, Rhythmtown Jive, Down Dirty Shake, Mark Growden & The New Orleans Heavies, Amber Lee Baker, Gary Vogensen, Hayhurst and Hughes; CD2- Charlie Musselwhite, Jesse Brewster, Nick Graventes, Dan Imhoff and Cahoots, The Incubators, Alison Harris, Un Deux Trios, BC Fitzpatrick, Whiskey Thieves, Little Lost Boys, Girls In Suede, Chava Cruz and Trapezio, Sherry Lee Jones, Steve Pile Band, Pat Jordan Band, Luv Planet, Chip Dunbar and Terra Nova.
"I am extremely proud to be involved with it," Hardman said.Since "Real Music Vol. 1", 99 different local artists have contributed and submissions are currently being accepted for Vol. 4.
"This project is driven by a lot of committed folks who love the local music scene," Scott said. Scott acknowledges the help of Hardman, Hayhurst, Doug Jayne at the Last Record Store who manages the in-store CD displays, KRSH radio, which sponsored the CD release party, and Jim Corbett (Mr. Music Foundation) for organizing the CD release party. "Its really a community effort for a great cause."
More than $10,000 has been raised in donations through the first two volumes, according to Scott. All proceeds of "Real Music Vol. 3, A Taste of Sonoma County..." benefit the Redwood Empire Food Bank and are available at Oliver's stores and The Last Music Store.

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