Evergreen Grades 4 - 6, Lifeskill award recipients for May 2013
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Geo Membrila, Sophia Smith, Ethan Tran, Katey Andres, Kylie Bush, Eli Simpson, Nikolai Grayson, Johnny Leung, Dale Morrow, Tyler Pease, Joceline Jacobs, Lucy Thomas, Karina Flores, Chris Salazar, Owen Mayo, Torrance Goldsberry, Eunice Paredes, Jennifer Seibold, Caleb Willie, Joe Zehrung, Ryan Tuttle, Samantha Heyberger, Alexia Revilla, Marisol Perez, Robert Laube, Elizabeth Church, Aiden Bankston, Liana Poueu-Garcia, Gabby DeLisa, Jacob Hoetger, Marshall Welch, Luis Diaz Gonzalez, Damian Adams, Noelani Lua, Sofia Franzini, Emily Berganza, Evan Tinoco, and Megan Whitehall. The fourth, fifth, and sixth grade Student of the Month winners for May 2013 are: Makayla Trent, Sergio Estrella Herrera, Bobby Hepburn and Taylor Roberts.

Photo by Robert Grant

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