Cotati tasing caught on video
Police enter home and tase man after couple in domestic argument refuses to open door
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By Dave Williams   May 17, 2013 12:00 am

The Cotati Police Department currently is investigating circumstances surrounding an incident where officers, responding to reports of domestic violence, entered a home and shot a resident with a taser gun before taking him into custody.

The incident, which occurred on Friday, May 10, was caught on video and released on YouTube.

“The Cotati Police Department is aware of the video which has been posted on the Internet,” Police Chief Mike Parish said in a press release. “There is an ongoing criminal investigation and there will be no additional statements. We will be conducting an administrative review of the incident to ensure all policies and procedures were followed.”

According to a police report, Cotati Police dispatch received a call from a concerned citizen reporting a domestic disturbance in the 7000 block of Marsh Way. 

Upon arrival, officers heard a heated argument between a male and female in the backyard of the residence. The officers attempted to contact the two who were arguing, but they ran inside and locked the door.

The couple refused to allow officers to investigate the incident and would not allow them inside their home so officers could check on their well being. Officers forced entry into the residence and tased 33-year-old James Wood.

The incident resulted in three people arrested for resisting and obstructing a peace officer. Two were cited and released at the scene, but Wood was booked into Sonoma County Jail. Officers also checked the well being of a toddler who was also in the residence but determined she was unharmed.

The video shows Cotati offices demanding the couple open the door so they can investigate and the couple refusing. It also shows the couple admitting to having an argument but denying any type of domestic violence.

Cotati officers, before kicking down the door, asked the residents why they refused to open the door, to which one said, “We don’t live in a police state sir…martial law has not been established in this country.”

The police then ordered the residents inside to get on the ground with their hands behind their back because they were going to kick the door down. 

When the police kicked the door down, the residents had not gotten on the ground and protested their entry. Wood, after telling an officer not to touch the woman inside, was tased.

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