Five tips on recruiting top talent
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(NAPSI)—Here’s a smart way for entrepreneurs to be successful—and save time and money: Learn from the mistakes of others.

That’s the word from Burton Goldfield, president and CEO of TriNet, which manages HR to help entrepreneurs focus on their business. He asked entrepreneurs: “If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?” Here are the top five mistakes and tips to fix them.

1. Failure to hire the best talent or the right fit. It’s better to have a good team that excels together than one superstar who makes everyone suffer.

2. Expecting employees to act like owners rather than leaders. Nurture employees and pay them for the value of their leadership.

3. Promoting based on seniority. Rather than promoting people beyond their capabilities, offer a parallel track for advancement.

4. Failure to train employees. Make sure the skills they’re honing or advancing are in line with the company’s goals and needs.

5. Not to manage performance. People need to know where they stand. What can be measured will get done.

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