Hit-and-run motorcyclist sentenced to 8 months
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A Santa Rosa motorcycle rider on April 15 was sentenced to eight months in jail for hitting a bicycle rider and fleeing the scene.

The motorcyclist, 27-year-old Jared Whisman-Pryor, has the option of serving his sentence at home via electronic home confinement or other jail alternatives.

What makes this a complex is Whisman-Pryor was deemed only partially at fault for the collision but, as Judge Jamie Thistlethwaite, ruled, he broke the law by fleeing the scene.

The crash occurred near the intersection of Willis Road in front of In-N-Out Burger when Rohnert Park bicyclist William Schilling, 68, cut in front of Whisman-Pryor to get to a bus stop on the other side of the street. Whisman-Pryor was traveling southbound. Schilling was hit from behind and thrown at least 20 feet into the busy street.

An insurance investigation found Schilling was 75 percent responsible for the crash because of an unsafe lane change and failure to yield.

Whisman-Pryor’s failure to stop led to the hit-and-run charge. He said he was unaware he had hit someone at the time, but prosecutors argued Whisman-Pryor nearly fell off his motorcycle upon impact. The judge said he should have known when handing down the sentence.

Last month, Thistlethwaite indicated she would not send him to prison. Whisman-Pryor had no criminal record and pleaded no contest to the single count.

With the help of surveillance images, witnesses and debris left behind, Rohnert Park Dept. of Public Safety officers were able to identify Whisman-Pryor two months after the crash.

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