Cotati business launches flag fundraising effort
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By Greg Karraker  March 22, 2013 12:00 am

The flag at the heart of Cotati’s Hub, which is visible for a good distance in every direction, has been through its second winter and needs immediate replacement. Flying on a 66-foot flagpole in Veterans Park, the flag is noticeably worn, with threads and tatters clearly visible on breezy days.

The flag was only returned to its prominent position in late 2010 after the flagpole had stood empty for two years, prompting citizens to raise funds and contribute approximately $2,500 for new lighting, new hardware, and the large flag. Now it needs someone to help again.

One local business has started a fundraising drive to buy a replacement flag and present it to the city as soon as possible.  John Graham and Rick Gorrell, owners of the 8-Ball bar, say numerous patrons have complained to them about the flag’s condition, and have asked what can be done.  

“This park is dedicated to our veterans,” the owners said. “It’s embarrassing to neglect the flag this way.”

The 8-Ball hosts a golf tournament every September to raise funds for local causes. Originally, Graham and Gorrell had planned to use funds from this year’s event to buy the flag, but they decided it was too important to wait. So, they decided to start the fundraising process immediately by printing flyers asking for contributions. The owners’ goal is to buy two high-quality flags, so they will last longer, and so an immediate replacement will be available when the first one eventually wears out. Contributions can be made at the 8-Ball, 8 Charles Street, Cotati.

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