Jenkins new RP assistant city manager
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By Jud Snyder  February 1, 2013 12:00 am

Rohnert Park’s City Engineer and Director of Development Services has a new title to add to his business card. He was appointed assistant city manager and now occupies a new office on the first floor adjacent to City Manager Gabe Gonzalez’s office. His former office was on the second floor.

The city kept the naming of an assistant city manager “in house,” instead of conducting a talent search and hiring consultants to seek candidates and hold lengthy interviews. Only a few staffers in city hall applied, and they were interviewed by consultants before Gonzalez made his decision.

Jenkins said, “I’ll hang on to my city engineer’s job along with the new one.” 

As far as the status of his director of development services is concerned, no decision has been made. According to Beth Lidster, secretary for both, a new arrangement of titled services will be drafted and brought to the city council “in two weeks.”

RP City Hall’s been without an assistant city manager since John Dunn was pulled out of retirement and named interim assistant city manager back in 2008 by then-city manager Steve Donley, now a U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant in Los Angeles.

Dunn stayed for about two years and then retired again to his home in Pismo Beach near San Luis Obispo. Lidster said he “unretired again and is now city manager for the town of Seaside” near Monterey.

The city engineer’s office has Patrick Barnes, assistant city engineer, and Rick Pedroncelli, civil engineering technician, still employed. Pedroncelli’s been on the staff since the old city hall days on Commerce Boulevard when Joe Gaffney was city engineer.

The 40-year old Jenkins was born and raised in Sonoma County and has been on the city staff since 2003. As city engineer, he has a thorough knowledge of the city’s intricate water and sewer systems, some showing signs of old age after 50 years. His appointment will free up some time for Gonzalez to concentrate on economic development, a prime goal for the city in the next few years.

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