Cotati council offers Thompson support in gun control debate
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By Dave Williams  January 25, 2013 12:00 am

The Cotati City Council is now part of the controversial and fiery debate on gun control in the United States.

In the wake of the shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the council at its meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 23, was expected to pass an item on its consent calendar which would send a letter to support the efforts of U.S. Representative Mike Thompson (D-St. Helena, 5th District), the Democratic chair of Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

President Barack Obama, prompted by the deaths of the 20 children in Connecticut, last week announced sweeping proposals in an effort to curb gun violence, including increased background checks, a ban on assault rifles and limiting the amount of rounds in a magazine to 10.

“During the next several weeks our task force will examine the president’s proposals and the proposals of others,” Thompson said. “We will continue meeting with stakeholders on every side of this issue. And we will develop a comprehensive set of policy proposals that both respect peoples’ 2nd Amendment rights and help keep our communities safe from gun violence.”

New Mayor Mark Landman penned a rough draft of the letter on behalf of the city council. The contents of the rough draft are as follows:

Dear Rep. Thompson:
Like so many Americans, we were devastated to hear of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty young children and six adults had their lives taken from them in a senseless act of violence. We have had far too many of these tragedies in the past few years, and each time we are hopeful that meaningful steps to prevent and reduce gun violence will be made.

We recently learned that you have been appointed chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. Your experience as a hunter, former co-chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, and your service in Vietnam will give you the proper perspective to develop a comprehensive approach to reduce gun violence and strengthen our nation’s gun laws while protecting law abiding citizens’ right to own legitimate firearms for legitimate purposes.

On behalf of the City of Cotati City Council, I encourage you to take a comprehensive look at the issue of reducing gun violence, and I fully support involving all interested parties in conversations on additional ways to address this issue.

We continue to mourn the loss of so many innocent lives in Newtown and over the past several years. However, your efforts through the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force will help reduce these tragedies in the future so that these victims were not lost in vain.


Mark Landman

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January 25, 2013
It should noted what side of the issue Cotati is on and not just say Cotati is behind Rep. Thompson. Cotati denied the renewal of a business license to Montana Hawk during a change in ownership. Montana Hawk was a responsible shooting range. There were many excuses for the denial, but the bottom line is Cotati did not want a safe place for responsible gun owners to use their firearms. They did not want responsible education or competition with firearms in their town. Cotati did not want a viable tax paying business because of the culture it brought to the city. Instead, they licensed a pot club, I mean a "wellness center" to take over that space. In an era where education on guns and gun safety is of the up most importance, I find this appalling at best and criminal at worst. If people get hurt accidentally with firearms because they had no place local to get educated and learn proper gun handling I place that directly on the head of the Cotati city council and the mayor.
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