SSU implements new ride sharing program
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WeGo Sonoma, a real-time ride share pilot program, is rolling out at Sonoma State University as well as across Sonoma County.

Using Web and mobile technology, WeGo Sonoma will provide students, faculty and staff a convenient and affordable way to share rides through a social network connecting riders and drivers in real-time and in advance.

The pilot aims to:

• Increase the number of shared commute trips to SSU while reducing the parking load;

• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

• Build a critical mass of users to continue ridesharing once local outreach wraps up in late 2013.

The Santa Rosa-based nonprofit, Climate Protection Campaign, is implementing the pilot in partnership with the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and their software provider, Avego.

A mobile phone is required to use the software. SSU community members with smartphones can use the app either as riders or drivers.

Those with basic mobile phones can use the software only as riders.

The software tracks shared trips and electronically transfers a micropayment from rider to driver to offset the cost of driving.
For more information, go to

The smartphone app is free to download. All new users receive $20 in credit to try the system as riders.

Riders are charged $1 for the first mile of the shared trip then 20 cents per mile for the next 15 miles.

Thereafter, the cost drops to 15 cents per mile. These micro payments from the rider to driver are transferred electronically.
The driver also has the option of providing the rider a free ride in the app.

To participate, interested students, faculty, and staff members must complete the online registration at Once completed, an email will guide registrants through a few simple steps.

Connect with WeGo Sonoma at SSU at

For further information, contact Jean Wasp at 664-2057 or Brant Arthur, Climate Protection Campaign at 525-1665 ext. 116.

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