Taking audiences on a musical journey
Eric Symons, playing and performing his own music since 10, tries to write and perform tunes he canít find anywhere else
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By Mira Brody  January 11, 2013 12:00 am

With the agile movement of his fingers across the strings of his guitar, Eric Symons possesses the ability to transfer anyone in the presence of his music to faraway lands in mere seconds. Due to the diversity of his style he is able to influence a varying audience, performing the sounds of Brazilian and classical jazz, flamenco as well as Spanish and contemporary guitar.

“Everyone is absolutely quiet,” Symons describes of a concert setting. “They are in the world you are creating for the time they are your audience. You can tell stories through music, create pictures. You can take them on a journey where they’ve never been before.”

First concert at 16
A Hollywood native, Symons began playing and composing his own music at age 10, performed his first concert at 16 and was fortunate to have the opportunity of learning under the mastership of composer Jerry Fielding as well as Angel Romero with whom he continues to tour.

“I’m lucky enough that my teacher is the person I admire most,” he says of Romero when asked of his artistic influences. “I was trained at a young age, and thoroughly.”

Having settled in Cotati for the last seven years, Symons continues to compose and perform music as well as operate his company, Simply the Best Entertainment, where he consults and produces local musicians for high-end events. He feels the mixed culture of the County is optimal and that it holds a high respect for the arts.

Loves local music scene

“Believe it or not there are a lot of musicians here in Sonoma County. We have a great philharmonic, a great symphony, a great performing arts center; two now, in fact.”

In addition to concert performances he provides eloquent background music for various resorts in Napa and Sonoma, his resonations ideal for the ambiance of a winery or ornate event. He partook in the sold out Absolute Music Series at the Friedman Event Center in Santa Rosa and is currently finishing composition of the Serenata Trio, an ensemble combining his guitar with the reverberations of violin and cello.

“I started writing because I wanted music I couldn’t otherwise find,” he says of his creative process. “Sometimes I could see an entire piece beforehand; they would just write themselves from a single idea.”

Performing with notable musicians
Serenata will also be released on an album featuring guitarist Patrick Imbimbo and violinist Wendy Loder, and its tone remains true to Italian and Spanish music traditions. He notes the many layers of “voices” apparent in his guitar playing and attributes it to his refusal to use a pick, instead making exceptional use of his fingers.

Symons speaks at length about the transformation of music in the last decade, a phenomenon spurred by availability provided by the Internet. Not only have more what he refers to as “niche-less genres” been discovered but also listeners gain a hunger for more multiplicity then they are used to. “We all want variety and we aren’t limited anymore, which I think is healthy,” he says. “It’s harder to be a star, but it’s easier to be heard. You can now discover layers of music you couldn’t 10 years ago.”
Due to his plethora of experience in the musical world, Symons is never bored with his career and because his style spans over many centuries and cultures, he unfailingly succeeds to reach a diverse assembly of listeners.

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