Gallbladder 42 soothes foot pain and assists the internal ear
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This point, known to acupuncturists as Gallbladder 42, is located about an inch below the web between your fourth and fifth toes, on the medial side of the digiti minimi tendon. It is excellent for soothing pain of the foot and assisting with the internal ear. Many people with tinnitus (ringing of the ears) or swelling and pain of the top of the foot, can benefit from this point. It also has been used for swelling of the breasts (as during the pre-menstrual portion of a woman's cycle). Pressing this point increases circulation within the energy pathways and can also be used preventively upon awakening each morning to avoid developing the symptoms.
Note: Remember these vignettes are not medical advice.

Gigi Shames, LAc, Dipl.OM, is a licensed acupuncturist in Cotati.

She can be reached at or (415) 388-0456.

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