Local Rotary Club helps to drill wells in Nairobi
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The Rotary Club of Rancho Cotati, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Nairobi-Parklands in Nairobi, Kenya, has funded and overseen the construction of water wells in the Kitwii area of south central Kenya.  Rotary clubs will always partner with a local Rotary Club in the project area to assure financial accountability and assure the funds are well spent.

The priorities and locations of seven local wells were decided upon by the people of the area.  It is a standard policy of Rotary International to assist people in their solutions as opposed to imposing solutions on them.  The local people typically have a much clearer idea of what the need than an outside organization.

Clean water for drinking and general domestic use was in short supply in the area, and the sources that did exist usually involved a long walk by the women or children each day.

The villagers previously had to walk miles each way to fill up their water cans.  Seven 35-foot deep wells were created to serve local areas within the larger Kitwii area. The wells provide a reliable supply of clean drinking water allowing more time for other enterprises to grow and children to focus on school work.

In addition to the seven well sites selected by the residents, a 330-foot deep well was constructed that will ensure water availability even in times of severe drought.

The Kitwii Area water well project in Kenya is one of many international and local community projects done by Rotary whose motto “Service above Self” exemplifies the organizations commitment to a better and more just world.  For more information about the Club, please check their website at www.ranchocotatirotary.org.

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