Time to replace your trim
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(NAPS)—Whether the holiday party is at your place or you’re just decking the halls, you may have found it’s time to clean up baseboards and door trim around the house. Baseboards, chair rails and door trim elements do take a pounding over the years.
If you’re looking for a way to immediately improve interior aesthetics, trim replacement may be one of the quickest options to make a noticeable upgrade.

How To Do It
A good place to start is with baseboard removal. An important tool in this effort is an oscillating multi-tool. With its range of blades and cutting accessories, this tool can reach into cracks and crevices where other power tools just can’t. Bosch, a leading maker of oscillating tool blades, offers a complete line of plunge blades and half-moon cutting blades.

For example, the OSC118F bi-metal plunge blade can cut nails or wood to remove long runs of baseboard, door casing or chair rail. The thin-profile metal blade can be wedged between drywall and existing trim to make clean removal of wood without ruining the wall beneath. The blade cuts nails and separates old baseboard from drywall with the fast side-to-side oscillating motion.

Chair Rail and Trim
The process is the same for chair rail or other types of trim that aren’t baseboard, except many times people want to save chair rail and reuse it. The material is often hardwood that incorporates an intricate design or a unique edge. In older homes, hardwood trim may be impossible to replace or replicate because its design is unique or rare, so saving it is crucial to project success. The same is true for crown molding.

Additionally, baseboard or other trim removal may be af­fected by flooring—carpet, lino­leum, tile or other material. That means scraping and material removal, sometimes at poor angles. The OSC2FSC oscillating blade does a great job of getting underneath the material that needs to be removed and then channeling the action to the tip to ensure efficient transmission of power. Scraping away the flooring material around the baseboard is a key part of a full-room renovation.

If it’s time to update your home’s interior, there’s no better place to start than baseboard and trim.

Removing the dents, gouges and general eyesore of decades-old molding can make your home sparkle during the holidays and all year long. It’s easy to do with the right tools such as those from Bosch.
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