Stafford, Callinan named RP mayor and vice-mayor
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By Jud Snyder  November 30, 2012 12:00 am

Three Rohnert Park City Council members who won their seats four years ago are now preparing for four more years, marking the first time city council members achieved an eight-year term without an election in between.

The reason for this historic event is nobody in RP filed to replace them, and all three said well in advance they’d be filing for reelection. Mayor Jake Mackenzie and council members Gina Belforte and Joe Callinan will be officially re-installed Dec. 11, the only city council meeting in December.

All five members voted to name vice-Mayor Pam Stafford as mayor and Joe Callinan as vice-Mayor beginning Dec. 11.
Like most rituals of this nature, it was apparently decided prior to the meeting. Mackenzie, in one of his last acts of his current four-year term, said, “I recommend naming Pam Stafford as mayor and Joe Callinan as vice mayor. Are there any other nominations?” No one spoke up and the vote was unanimous.

The naming of members for city commissions followed a similar pattern. Members of the Bicycle Advisory, Cultural Arts, Mobile Home Rent Appeals Board, Parks and Recreation, Planning Commission, Senior Citizens Advisory and Sister Cities Relations all filed for another two years. The council approved all.

The planning commission was mildly scolded by Mackenzie for the relatively high absentee figures at their meetings.

“We’re entering a time when economic development will be important next year and future years,” said Mackenzie. “I think it’s more important than ever that all five planning commission members be present at all meetings.”

“I echo what the mayor is asking,” said Belforte.

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