Seventy percent of businesses not collaborating effectively
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(NAPS)—Recent global research discovered an intriguing correlation between collaboration technologies and better business outcomes. Although many organizations recognize that improved collaboration would improve the way they conduct business, the vast majority are not using technology tools and processes to achieve this.

A study by Filigree Consulting, an independent global consulting firm specializing in technology research, concluded that over 70 percent of businesses are not effectively using collaboration tools to increase productivity, make faster and more informed decisions or drive business value. In contrast, the few organizations that are taking full advantage of an integrated approach to collaboration—including technology, people and process—reported up to 300 percent more impact on business results, including accelerated rate of innovation, enhanced customer experience and reduced travel costs.

Collaborative technologies, including interactive whiteboards and conferencing software, help teams consolidate information from multiple sources and bring flexibility to the work environment for more purposeful and effective meetings. Local and dispersed teams can actively engage—everyone can see and share information and contribute to discussions and decisions in real time.

Based on the survey, an assessment tool has been created to help organizations determine how they may improve business outcomes through collaborative technology.

This assessment tool from SMART Technologies consists of a 20-minute online questionnaire that can be completed by any member of an organization for comparative results based on industry standards. These results will give decision makers relevant information in determining the optimal means of incorporating collaborative technology and process into their organization.

“As the world’s leading chemical company, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the way we do business, and recognize that technology plays a large role in increasing our overall efficiency,” says Mike Handy, AV Specialist, BASF. “Participating in this project is an opportunity to identify the best practices for organizations to follow when it comes to incorporating collaboration in the workplace. It’s straightforward and practical and sheds new light on a subject that is of growing interest for business today.”

For more information and to take the assessment survey, visit GEN.

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