Canon Manor folks hear from traffic managers
Supe Rabbitt leads town hall meeting featuring high-level county officials
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By Jud Snyder   October 5, 2012 12:00 am


More than 50 residents of Canon Manor turned out for a town meeting with 2nd District Supervisor David Rabbitt. What’s more, he brought along CHP Officer Jon Sloat, Tom O’Kane, deputy director, and Steve Urbanek, pavement preservation manager, both with the county’s Department of Transportation and Public Works, and Jennifer Abroa, crime prevention CSO with the County Sheriff’s department.

The meeting was held last Wednesday night in Penngrove’s major meeting hall on Orchard St., owned and managed by the town’s Social Firemen. They donated the hall for this meeting.

By any standard, Rabbitt and his handpicked speakers can be ranked as respected officials to talk to residents of a small unincorporated community in the county. 

Canon Manor’s snuggled up to Rohnert Park with Bodway Drive on the west, a shopping center and Sonoma State University on the north, Petaluma Hill Road on the east and RP’s Southeast Specific Plan and Codding’s Sonoma Mountain Village on the south. It had its beginnings about 35 years ago when a developer talked county planners and supervisors into approving a plan to build luxury homes on one-acre lots. It was rural land back then. Sonoma State College was still on Collegeview Avenue in RP, and Sonoma County was just entering the time period when land use rules, zoning regulations and building permits were just beginning to be ratified.  

There’s a Canon Manor East on the other side of Petaluma Hill Road. It’s only a small scattering of homes on smaller plots, and they get their water from the Penngrove Water Co. and Petaluma.

Canon Manor West relies on its water wells, but 


they’re connected with Rohnert Park’s sewer service pipes. Neither Canon Manor nor RP have any desire to explore annexation. Residents voted earlier to allow lot splits into two half-acre lots. This doesn’t lessen traffic problems.

Canon Manor was the focus of last week’s meeting. It covered road conditions, managing roadside vegetation, the Neighborhood Watch program, traffic controls and road striping. Residents had a multitude of items they were curious about, including street parking, trucks making U-turns on narrow streets, drainage problems in ditches and stop signs at one or two intersections.

CHP Officer Sloat reminded them the county “has 1,382 miles of roads, that’s a huge amount and we don’t have a lot of money to fix all of ‘em.”

CSO Abroa praised Canon Manor’s Neighborhood Watch program. “They have 44 members, and they’re doing a good job.”

O’Kane and Urbanek outlined their work and acknowledged Canon Manor roads were a high priority in their office. They indicated the roads here were easier to handle compared to the longer miles of rural roads elsewhere in the county. “But the competition for road widening and maintenance is highly competitive,” said O’Kane.

The meeting’s two-hour allotment was up at 7:30 p.m., and Rabbitt thanked all the attendees. “It’s wonderful to have this kind of communication,” he said.

For further details on the meeting call Andrea Krout, Rabbitt’s office manager, at 565-3754.


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