Korean War exhibit in Petaluma from Oct. 13 Dec. 16
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The Petaluma Museum will present the exhibition "Korea, the Forgotten War" from Oct. 13-Dec. 16.

To many the conflict in Korea remains largely unknown, overshadowed by WWII and Vietnam. Yet Korea marked a turning point in the political and military history of the post war world.

On June 25, 1950, the cold war turned hot. Soviet-supported North Korean leader Kim Il Sung launched an invasion of South Korea in an attempt to reunify the peninsula under Communism. President Harry Truman interpreted the invasion as an attempt by Moscow to expand its domain and test Western resolve.

He committed American troops and rallied support in the United Nations (UN), establishing a coalition of 16 nations to defend South Korea and contain Communist expansion. A brutal war ensued that took the lives of more than 3 million people in the most terrible conditions.

Although fierce fighting lasted more than three years, the war has not officially ever ended.

The exhibition will tell the stories of those local veterans who served in this war. Authentic artifacts will be presented along with interpretive panels documenting the history of the conflict.

On display will be an actual MASH unit and interactive video presentations.

On Oct. 13 at 1 p.m. the City of Petaluma will honor the local Korean War veterans in a special program.

In conjunction with the exhibit, a speaker series will include a special presentation by Major General Gary Medvigy, the deputy commanding general of the 8th Army in Yongsan, Korea.

He will discuss current developments in Korea. On Oct. 27, there will be a special presentation by Apollo 14 astronaut and celebrated "Moon Walker" Edgar Mitchell, who served as a pilot in Korea. In addition, on Nov. 11, a Korean War pilot symposium, including Pilots Gen. Robert F. "Earthquake" Titus USAF [Ret.]; BGen. Garry Willard Jr. USAF [Ret.]; MGen. Norman Deback, USAF [Ret.]; and Col. John Lowery USAF [Ret.]. Local  Korean War veterans will also share their experiences as part of the series.

"We are pleased to honor our local Korean War veterans on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War" said museum president Joe Noriel. "This exhibit will give visitors a chance to reflect on the sacrifice made by those who served in this ‘Forgotten War.’”
Admission is $5. The museum is located at 20 4th St. in Petaluma. For more information call 778-4398 or go to www.petalumamuseum.com.

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