Everybody needs a coach
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By Chris Jantz  October 29, 2009 04:47 pm

So there I was in the summer of 2008 competing in the Tommy Kono Olympic Weightlifting Championships. It was during the warm-ups that I caught a heavy clean wrong and crunched my low back.
I changed my technique to a power clean and went ahead competed anyway. I actually medaled for the first time in an Olympic Weightlifting competition but the back injury hung with me for the next four months.
“Done with Olympic weightlifting for a while,” as I said to myself. I was already nursing a rotator cuff injury when the back flared up so it was time to go a different route.
I wanted to compete in my first bodybuilding contest in July of the following year and wanted to build size, and increase strength prior to leaning down for the bodybuilding show, so I talked my coach Freddie Myles about doing a powerlifting competition in March.
Freddie and his wife own and operate Myles Ahead Fitness here in Rohnert Park. Together we mapped out a plan on how we could rehab injuries, add size and strength, continue doing all the Olympic lifts and get in contest shape in time for the bodybuilding show.
Freddie had been there for me all along. He was the one that actually coaxed me into doing my first Olympic weightlifting competition and from there I just took off. For the first time in many years I was hungry to compete once again.
Competing was something I hadn’t done for many years.
Back in the day I relied on my martial arts teachers to mentor and coach me. Looking at this now I realize the importance of a good coach and how influential he or she can be in one’s life.
Maybe weightlifting is not your thing but you still want to get in great shape. Maybe you should try hiring a coach or teacher and going for something you’ve always wanted but for some reason didn’t try for. Maybe it’s martial arts, golfing, or maybe it’s ballroom dancing. A good coach is priceless. Don’t put a dollar amount on your health and fitness, just go out and do it.

Chris Jantz is a certified personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, lifestyle coach and fitness expert with more than 30 years experience. He is the CEO and founder of Powerfit Personal Training in Rohnert Park and can be contacted at chris@powerfitusa.com.

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