Do you have your pumpkins yet?
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By Steve Bryan  October 22, 2009 04:20 pm

While there was no official competition or rules, the kids living on Lords Manor Way in L section of Rohnert Park gathered Monday night for an impromptu pumpkin carving session.
A covered table, a bowl of soapy water, magic markers and child-safe carving tools were set out in the front yard of the home of the Russell family, and like a hummingbird feeder its attraction required little effort. About a dozen children and their parents gathered in the last remnants of the rain to carve funny and scary faces on their pumpkins.
Natalie Delgado, showing patience beyond her years, sat and watched as her mother Andrea drew a face, and then cut out the pumpkin. While she could not decide if she liked the taste of pumpkin on her fingers, she pulled the seeds and pulp out like a pro.
Neighbors Jessee Gerhardt and Nicolas Rojas worked feverishly to create the scary face pumpkins. Gerhardt spent considerable time making sure that the mouth he had carved was large enough to bite his hand.
The children spent more than an hour creating their Halloween decorations, each taking time to inspect and show off their artwork to friends and family. This was the first time that many of the children had ever carved a pumpkin. Even before they had finished, the children were asking their parents if they could gather next year for another carving session.

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