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Sock-hop raises ‘long green’ for Education Foundation
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By Heidi Bailey  October 15, 2009 03:55 pm

It was fat-city antsville at the DoubleTree Hotel in Rohnert Park Saturday night as big daddys, cool cats, and dollys made the scene cook-cookin’ on the dance floor. It was boss. Like, crazy, man.
English please?
Saturday night the Rohnert Park Education Foundation hosted the first annual 1950s sock-hop in the Vineyard Room at the hotel.
The sock-hop was a preemptive celebration to Sunday’s Sonoma Mountain Art and Wine Festival and Classic Car Show.
The Ed Foundation killed it (which is a good thing in 50s lingo) with decorations of everything 50s, including records forming a path to the party room from the front lobby.
Walking into a room full of poodle skirts, saddle shoes, muscle shirts and letterman jackets created an atmosphere of being thrown back to a much simpler time when the biggest concern for teens was having a cherried-out rod.
Sharon Kennedy was one of four on the subcommittee to help plan the sock-hop. “(Education Foundation president) Mike Pastryk had been really wanting to do something like this and we all thought it’d be great fun.”
She said they all jumped on board and it was collaboration among everyone planning all the finer details of the event.
April Nelson, also on the subcommittee said, “Our whole committee has been working on the whole event, including the art and wine festival and the classic car show, for a little less than a year.” She said it takes all that time to get everything coordinated. “We thought it’d be fun to have a pre-party before the big event and what better way to do that than to have a sock-hop?”
The dance floor was packed with couples twisting, turning and doing the “mashed-potato” to the sounds of local DJ Michael “The Wolf” Jurian, who could’ve easily passed for the late “Wolfman Jack” on the mic. DJ Mike Alan, also known as “Michael J” also took the stage as the event held several contests including a twist contest, a bubblegum bubble blowing contest, a hula-hoop and a howling contest. Nelson said after the event the contests were “hilarious to watch” and contestants were in abundance vying for first place.
Couples Fred and Mickey Degan, Barbara Buckingham and Duane Ornbaun tore it up on the dance floor and took only a brief moment to comment on the event.
“I love it, it’s been so much fun,” said Mickey, who was dressed to the nines in saddle shoes and a poodle skirt. She said she used to dance all the time when she was 14 in a one-room school. “Every lunch hour,” she said with a big smile, reflecting on the good ol’ days.
“It brings us back to high school,” said Ornbaun. “Back to when it was just good music... not the crazy stuff they call music nowadays.”

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