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By Vikki Albers, Feng Shui consultant  October 15, 2009 10:21 am

Do you believe yourself to be the center, the hub of The Universe - the Alpha and the Omega? The ancient wisdom of Feng Shui says, “All righty then!”
We call the Feng Shui life area numbered “1” Fame and Reputation. This vibration is about the person whose heart we hear beating, whose breath we meditate on, and whose thoughts manifest the world: Me, Moi, Numero Uno.
Are you called to further develop some of your extraordinary talents and maybe downplay some of your less appealing parts? Shoring up feelings of self-confidence can put a whole new spin on every facet of this life. Would now be the time to perhaps free up a bit more of your inner light illuminating your relationship with someone special or, heck, why not beam everyone?
The Fame and Reputation life area is where energetic fine-tuning (or overhaul) benefiting individual growth is tended to. Find this life area at the center back of the Feng Shui Bagua, poised between Abundance and Relationship.
Here we appreciate compelling placement indeed. Picture yourself standing in the Fame and Reputation life area of your home (or a room, the garden) facing in. Looking to the right you see the Abundance area representing the limitless state of the cosmos and our lives. Over the other shoulder to the left we glimpse the area of Relationship; we and another.
So we Centers-of-The-Universe One-and-All are bolstered by vast, inexhaustible plenty on one hand and that which reflects who we are through the experience of another on the other. Could this be any more potent? Only if from here we faced the Health life area. Oh, we do? We do.
Use Feng Shui to add zing and zest to this Who-I-Am space. Red is the most energizing color here, fire the element, affect change with the triangle shape, and the number 1 reflects that which is central. A single tall red candle would support your specific intention for change.
If red clashes with your soothing décor sprinkle a bit of it behind a wall hanging, tie a red ribbon around a door knob, place a bowl of dark chocolates dressed in crinkly red wrapping here, and during the summer months nothing says red like a bowl of plump, juicy cherries.
The statement of gratitude for your newly expanded and aware self, written on red construction paper and tucked under the sofa cushion will absolutely work for you. While you may not see it the Chi doesn’t miss a trick.
Is this section the domain of the senior person in the house, the breadwinner or crowned royalty? No. Consider that we are all the centers of our individual universes so this Fame and Reputation life area will serve each member of the household individually and equally. Age or pecking order matters not.
Place in this area items that acknowledge your uniqueness; everything from a gold star to a gold medal. If you have not yet received these accolades, place your handwritten statements of gratitude in this area (I am grateful for my consistent effort and focused thought to have received this honor).
As always, have fun with this. Feng Shui is powerful and here to serve us, lifting us up and making our lives greater. Invite ideas to come from your heart and just see what happens. You are about to shift your universe!
In gratitude and with an intention to serve.

Vikki Albers is the creator and owner of Feng Shui at Your Service, a Feng Shui consulting company based in Santa Rosa. She can be reached at 315-1629 or

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