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Try these cures for nervy-neighbors
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By Vikki Albers  June 16, 2011 02:10 pm

Try these cures for nervy-neighbors 

For years, Mr. Rogers asked, “Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?” This does indeed sound like an invitation to the neighborhood but to be sure, not all neighbors arrive by invitation. Absolutely not. (Where did those people come from anyway?)

Let’s talk about those nervy folk barging into your neck of the woods uninvited. Better yet, let’s talk with them. Before turning your complaint over to a Feng Shui icky-neighbor cure, have a conversation with them. Maybe a compromise is within reach, you never know.

Pick your battles. They held a raucous party last weekend with a DJ and dancing lasting into the wee hours. Sleep was next to impossible with all that rock and roll pounding against your will.

These folks are not noisy neighbors normally, the family, in high spirits, got together to celebrate an extraordinary event. The best Feng Shui cure for this sleepless night is to wish them well and release feeling grouchy about it. (You’re not one of the ornery neighbors on this street, are you?)

When frequent noise is the nearby nuisance, lights are a practical Feng Shui cure, ultimately quieting things down. Being seen is a common need and this cure puts you back in the light. Place fixtures along the side of the house that faces your unruly neighbor, if you already have lights here, flip the switch by dusk (whether they are home or not).

This is not the place for motion-sensors; you, not the neighbors, are in charge of when the lights go on. Work with the brightest bulbs your fixtures will accommodate. If additional light is called for, look into solar fixtures for economical illumination. Your straightforward intention might be “I am grateful to live in harmony with my neighbors.”

To turn back unwanted energy from the house next door or across the street, mirrors get thumbs up. This is a recommended cure for broken cars in the driveway, waist-high weeds, and even cranky-people energy.

Buy one or up to nine convex (fisheye) mirrors for this cure. Adhere the mirrors to the side of your home facing theirs. Increase power with intention, “I am grateful to be willing to release my annoyance with neighbors. I understand that everything I experience is a reflection of something in me.”

While appreciation surrounds this protecting presence, the energy of police stations and firehouses is disturbing. These are uber-active neighbors 24/7, year round. A frequently elevated level of angst causes the energy to feel urgent.

Here you are, cars speeding, lights flashing and, glancing the other way, a shiny red hook-and-ladder truck starts up, sirens screaming. No need to check the real estate ads yet, Feng Shui can soften the ever-alert energy flowing around your home.

If you are directly across the street or next door to a police station or firehouse, place one or up to nine convex mirrors on the outside of your home facing this neighbor. If they are a bit down the street, hang a size-appropriate (i.e. large) wind-chime outside on the wall or near the corner facing them.

Remember your intention, “I am grateful for protection close to my home and choose to release awareness of its presence.”
If you’ve talked, Feng Shui cured, and meditated to exhaustion and your situation lingers without relief, it might be time to consider moving.

Did you ignore previous hints to move-on, requiring The Universe to get those intolerable neighbors to give you a push? (Hey. Maybe that’s where they came from.)

In gratitude and with an intention to serve.
Vikki Albers is the creator and owner of Feng Shui at Your Service, a Feng Shui consulting company based in Santa Rosa. She can be reached at (707) 315-1629 or www.fengshuiatyourservice.com.

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