Rancho Cotate Sports Scoreboard
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Rancho Cotate Sports Scoreboard

Date       Team    Opponent    Time/Result
Sept. 3    JV/V    Scrimage @ San Ramon Valley    N/A   
Sept. 10    JV/V    at Pinole Valley    V: L, 21-23; JV: W, 19-6
Sept. 17    JV/V    at Castlemont    V: W, 52-8; JV: W, 34-12
Sept. 24    JV/V    Petaluma    V: W, 49-0; JV: W, 34-24
Oct. 2    JV/V    *at Piner    V: W, 49-6; JV: W, 52-0
Oct. 8    JV/V    *Montgomery    5/7:30
Oct. 15    JV/V    *Elsie Allen    5/7:30
Oct. 22    JV/V    *at Ukiah    5/7:30
Oct. 29    JV/V    *Cardinal Newman    5/7:30
Nov. 5    JV/V    *Santa Rosa    5/7:30
Nov. 12    JV/V    *at Maria Carrillo    5/7:30
Nov. 19-20    V    NCS Playoffs    TBA
Nov. 26-27    V    NCS Playoffs    TBA
Dec. 3-4    V    NCS Playoffs    TBA
Dec. 10-11    V    NCS Playoffs    TBA
Dec. 18-19    V    State Bowl Game    TBA

Girls’ Soccer
Date        Team    Opponent    Time/Result
Aug. 25    JV/V    at Healdsburg    V: W, 3-1
Aug. 27-28    V    Piner Tournament    V: 2-1
Sept. 2    JV/V    El Molino    V: W, 5-0
Sept. 8    V    Sonoma Academy    V: W, 3-1
Sept. 10    JV/V    *Santa Rosa    V: L, 0-2
Sept. 15    JV/V    *Ursuline    V: L, 0-1
Sept. 17    JV/V    *at Ukiah    V: W, 3-1
Sept. 22    JV/V    *Elsie Allen    V: W, 7-0
Sept. 24    JV/V    *at Montgomery    V: L, 0-2
Sept. 29    JV/V    *at Piner    V: W, 6-0
Oct. 1    JV/V    *Maria Carrillo    V: L, 0-1
Oct. 6    JV/V    *at Santa Rosa    5:00/7:00
Oct. 8    JV/V    *at Ursuline    5:00/7:00
Oct. 13    JV/V    *Ukiah    5:00/7:00
Oct. 15    JV/V    *at Elsie Allen    5:00/7:00
Oct. 20    JV/V    *Montgomery    5:00/7:00
Oct. 22    JV/V    *Piner      5:00/7:00
Oct. 27    JV/V    *at Maria Carrillo    4:30/6:30
Nov. 3-13    V    NCS Championships    TBA

Boys’ Soccer
Date       Team    Opponent    Time/Result

Aug. 24    JV/V    at Petaluma    V: W, 2-0
Aug. 25    JV/V    at Sonoma    V: L, 1-5
Aug. 27-28    JV/V    Healdsburg Tournament    V: 0-3
Aug. 31    JV/V    at Novato (varsity first)    V: W, 3-2
Sept. 3-4    V    Piner Tournament    N/A
Sept. 9    V    at Casa Grande    V: W, 6-0
Sept. 14    JV/V    *Elsie Allen    V: W, 2-1
Sept. 16    JV/V    *Montgomery    V: L, 1-2
Sept. 21    JV/V    *at Santa Rosa    V: L, 0-5
Sept. 23    JV/V    *at Ukiah    N/A
Sept. 28    JV/V    *Maria Carrillo    V: W, 3-1
Sept. 30    JV/V    *Piner      V: W, 6-2
Oct. 5    JV/V    *at Cardinal Newman    V: L, 3-2
Oct. 7    JV/V    *at Elsie Allen    5:00/7:00
Oct. 12    JV/V    *at Montgomery    5:00/7:00
Oct. 14    JV/V    *Santa Rosa    5:00/7:00
Oct. 19    JV/V    *Ukiah    5:00/7:00
Oct. 21    JV/V    *at Maria Carrillo    4:00/6:00
Oct. 26    JV/V    *at Piner    3:30/5
Oct. 28    JV/V    *Cardinal Newman    5:00/7:00
Nov. 3-13    V    NCS Championships    TBA
* Denotes North Bay League game

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Bill Mish [LJMS Coach for both 7th/8th Girls Basketball]
October 11, 2012
The 7th grade started the day off with s solid win against a scrapie team from Altimira. Natalie Guerrero lead the team with 14 points,with help from Camille Spackman with 10 points. Abigail Mendoza help on defense with 6 steal, along with Kilie Nixon 4 steals. Off the bench Victoria Millendez played very well for the short time she had on the floor with 10 rebounds, & 4 points. Final score: 34 - 16

The 8th grade had to go to the bench because 2 starters were out of this game. So that what they did. Reilani Peleti had 31 points, 9 rebounds plus 4 assists, 6 steals to lead everyone, even the Altimira girls who only scored a total of 25. She got a lot of help from Julia Guerrero with 12 points & 6 steals. Big defensive games by Arith Anaya & Corrinne Lander. Final was; 47 - 25.

Next game is away at Healdsburg on Tuesday.......Go Jaguars
LJMS Girls Basketball
October 5, 2012
If you look up ?ugly wins? in the dictionary, you will see a picture of both 7 & 8 grade girls next to it. But winning ugly is still a win.

With our leading scorer out with a bad ankle sprain the other girls needed to step it up. Abigail Mendoza did just that with her 12 points & 8 huge steals, to go along with 8 rebounds for us. Natalie Akin helped out with 11 rebounds & 6 points. Coming off the bench Caitlin Cazares & Lia Misi each played very well & had 5 points for a 30 ? 18 LJ win.

In the 8th grade game, my hat goes off the Adele MS team they played with a lot of heart. Our defense played a large part in this win. Reilani Peleti had another huge game for us with 20 points & 18 rebounds to go along with 8 hustling steals. Kaela Velles contributed with 12 big rebounds. Corrinne Ladner played a major role with an outstanding defensive game to help with the 32 ? 29 win.

Next game is away & back to Sonoma & Altimira MS on Thursday 10/11.....GO JAGURAS
George Mc Quade
June 24, 2011
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