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February 28, 2014
There's so much we can do as a community if we pull together...we can vote NO to pass school board measures, we can choose to not re-elect school board members, we can take our children out of the school district. I encourage everyone to look into the current issues going on at University Elementary School. There's more going on than Dr. Haley and Ms. Kaufman will willingly's not all sunshine and cheerful hallways at UELF. It has been a negative environment for the teachers due to administrative issues and yet the parents are thrilled with the love of learning that their children are getting! How about we take a look at the leadership at UELF, let's ask Sonoma State University how they think collaboration is going, and let's ask the board members of the school district to have an individual voice and opinion on this matter. This issue will go far beyond the 2 teachers that have lost their jobs at the hands of Ms. Kaufman. This issue will penetrate the school district and loyalty of families in the area for years to come. Please attend the school board meeting on March 11th and show your support for all of our teachers in this area. They put up with more than anyone should have to by their administrators yet they continue whole-heartedly to love our children, protect our children and mold our future leaders and citizens alike.
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