Famed Cotati tree now has a moving date  Uploaded July 21, 2014 04:16 pm

Wonder Woman, aka Nannalyssa Valencia, 2 1/2, of Cotati, took part in the Cotati Kids Day festivities, July 12 at La Plaza Park. This year's theme was super heroes and Valencia definitely fit the bill.

Photo by Jane Peleti

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An intercity contest

It was Rohnert Park vs. Rohnert Park in the championship game of the recent Drew Williams Classic, a 12-under all-star...Read More

How concerned are you about prostitution and human trafficking becoming a problem?
Very concerned...some of the stories I’ve been reading make me very scared for a lot of young women in town.
Somewhat concerned...I’m not aware of prostitutes walking the streets, but who can tell what a prostitute looks like these days?.
Not concerned at all...many of the girls who are prostitutes are coming from out of town and are not local.