October 23, 2017

Firefighters get a hold on containment, Cal Fire starts investigation

  • Firefighters from Rohnert Park are seen refolding firehoses and preparing their trucks for their next shift at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds last week.

  • Past and former students from Rancho Cotate High School met Thursday, October 12 to paint signs of appreciation for first responders. All the signs were taken to the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds and posted around the area so all first responders could see them.

After almost a week of battling the relentless wildfires that have ravaged Sonoma and Napa counties, firefighters are starting to make progress on containing two of the largest fires, the Tubbs and Atlas Fire, which are both over 80 percent contained, giving Cal Fire the opportunity to start their investigation into the cause of the fires.



Getting ready to be escorted into their homes

Residents of the Wikiup line up for escorted access to their residences in the mandatory evacuated section to get medications and take care of pets....

Shelter refugees find happiness through dance entertainment

The recent Tubbs, Nuns, and Oakmont fires still have many people gathered in shelters for safety. For many, this is the scariest experience for them and having to stay in the shelter for days or even weeks can bring anxiety and worry, despite the tragic events, dance volunteers from a local Polynesian dance group came together to perform for evacuees at the Elsie Allen High School shelter, providing fun and entertainment.


Rancho Cougars are scheduled to play the first ever Monday night game

Monday night football on Oct. 23 against Cardinal Newman High School


From arranging plants to connecting families

Diane Davis started Artful Arrangements in 2007, not as the non-profit it is today, but as a business that created, sold and delivered living plant arrangements.


Community Events Calendar October 20, 2017 through November 2, 2017

Due to the massive fire storms this past week, some events may be cancelled. Call or email to see if the event is still available.


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